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RE: (ngtrans) including ipv4 address space into ipv6 address space

2001-11-13 17:52:45

D. J. Bernstein <djb(_at_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to> wrote:
Jeroen Massar writes:
the only thing that needs to be done for an IPv6 host is get a
routable IPv6 IP

Why should I do this manually? Why doesn't the software
give me an IPv4-compatible IPv6 address, as explained in RFC 2893?
man rtadvd
man rtsold

Router Advertisements & Solicitations......
Which if your admins set the IPv6 routers up correctly will get you your
autoconfigged addresses...
And these tend to be globabaly routable (if set up correctly yadda yadda

Our system administrators are busy getting real work done. Do you
them to waste time figuring out how to join a useless network?
Maybe they should READ, LEARN and UNDERSTAND before trying to do
something ???

Some of our computers and routers already have IPv6 software. But
not going to bother configuring those machines to talk to the global
IPv6 network.
If you want to stay in your own cloud, ofcourse you can... your
decission... your problem...

If you want IPv6 addresses to be part of the 
Internet---if you want them to be reachable from machines like
you have to give us software that does _not_ require extra
configuration for IPv6.

Are you completely clueless or something ????

---> Addresses need to be routable, either if they are IPv4 or IPv6

And if that isn't the case ofcourse the other end isn't reachable....
well duhhh...