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RE: (ngtrans) including ipv4 address space into ipv6 address space

2001-11-13 13:31:43

D. J. Bernstein <djb(_at_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to> wrote:

Keith Moore writes:
a host that only supports IPv4


The question is whether hosts WITH IPV6 SOFTWARE also have to suffer
administrative hassle of obtaining new addresses---non-IPv4-compatible
IPv6 addresses.
If you even did look at the picture, you might have noticed that the
::ffff:<ipv4> gateway is "yet another router"
so...... the only thing that needs to be done for an IPv6 host is get a
routable IPv6 IP.... and make sure it gets a route to a router which
handles the ::ffff:<ipv4> range...

Upgrading software can be painful, but it's not as painful as
software _and_ maintaining two sets of addresses.
Welps.... that's not required... as it's "yet another route"...

I hope that finally makes it all clear...