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Re: (ngtrans) including ipv4 address space into ipv6 address space

2001-11-16 10:12:59

In <001f01c16dbd$6cb2aca0$2a1410ac(_at_)kei(_dot_)azr(_dot_)nl> "Jeroen Massar" 
<jeroen(_at_)unfix(_dot_)org> writes:

I only need 1 IPv4 IP which can do HTTP/SMTP/NNTP/FTP/etc.
proxy/gatewaying/etc. to the IPv6 world.
Neeto huh? And yes this is yet-another-kind-of-NAT. But one time in the
future we won't have any
IPv4 addresses any more and everything will be IPv6, though when that
time comes is unforseeable at this moment.

OK, try the following scenario.

My house is full of gadgets, and I want an IP address for each of them -
my garage door, the TV, every light switch, my coffee machine, the cat
flap, the lot. Nobody is going to sell me a hundred or so IPv4 addresses,
so all I can get is IPv6 ones (we are told there are enough of them to
cover every square cm on the surface of the earth).

Damn. My ISP will only give me one IPv4 address to connect to the outside.
OK, I will devote one machine as my firewall/gateway, but I don't want to
do any of that NAT stuff (too much misuse of port numbers and so on). I
would far rather use whatever tunneling facilities are on offer.

Now my coffee machine has run out of coffee, and wants to make an ordinary
HTTP connection to Safeway to order some more. DNS gives it an Ipv4
address for Safeway but it can only understand IPv6 packets that come back
to it.

So what does the gateway machine have to do? Do the right protocols exist
to do whatever routing/tunneling is needed. Are these tools to be found in
Solaris 8 out-of-the-box?

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