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Re: (ngtrans) including ipv4 address space into ipv6 address space

2001-11-13 19:24:42

Jeroen Massar writes:
your decission... your problem...

Speaking as an IPv4 administrator: _I_ don't have a problem. I have all
the addresses I need. I can reach the entire Internet, and the entire
Internet can reach me. I'm not going to waste my time setting up IPv6;
everything useful is reachable through IPv4.

There are millions of other people in the same situation. So you would
have to be an idiot to make your company's public servers and clients
reachable only through IPv6. You would be cutting yourself off from the

Nobody is going to do that. Consequently everything useful will
_continue_ to be reachable through IPv4. In short, IPv6 is a failure.

Perhaps _you_ have a problem with this situation. Perhaps you want IPv6
to succeed. Your only hope is to make IPv6 work WITHOUT ANY EFFORT FROM
THE IPV4 SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS. You have to slip IPv6 support into the
operating systems and applications and routers so that IPv6 works
_automatically_ over the existing IPv4 infrastructure. Then you have to
wait for everyone to upgrade.


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