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Re: making mail traceable

2004-01-21 06:36:26

Bruce Lillywrote:

Because of this LOC is seldom used. So my first point is to get vaild
into the DNS that people can 'easily' get without a GPS unit.

Longitude, latitude, and altitude of a given place tend to be reasonably
stable. Many
maps provide that information, and there are on-line resources available
as well.

Street addresses, ..., country names change at a politician's whim.

And your point is?  If this ever happended you just update the records of

Next, different laws apply to different parts of the country and the
I am not only speaking about spammers. I am talking about credit card
identity theft, etc.


We have a person that just placed a credit card order on our website. The
cerdit card information is all vaild and the address is correct. All is
verified. This of course does not mean that the card is not stolen.  An
addtional step would be to know where the email oringinated from.

Make up your mind -- a web site or email?

I was giving you examples of an email application as well as other useful
risk assesment uses.

It will prevent someone from Pakistan (for example) saying they live in
USA and using a stolen credit card from ohio. ( I saw this example
Have the data avaliable will help both electronic mail as well as

Will it not also prevent an Ohio resident traveling in Pakistan using
his own non-stolen
credit card from doing e-business (perhaps ordering urgently-needed
medical supplies,
for example -- consider a diabetic)?

No it will not. I will give you a merchant account example in response.
Currently if you place a phone order for medicine the merchant will ask you
for your name and address and the cvv code on the card.  If you do not have
the CVV code the merchant can still process the order if he desires to but
this is his choice. He also know there is more risk that this is fraud.

Also if the postal code or address is wrong the terminal will tell the
merchant and it is up to the merchant if he wants to process the order or
void it.

If the GL location matches the state and country the risk is lower for the
transaction. It is only a way to determine risk it does not stop a
transaction. It is a tool that can be used to help prevent fraud.

The use of Geographic Location has many uses, I have only named two.

I know it will not be perfect overnight but it will help greatly, if you
have a better solution let me know.

In the specific case of a stolen credit card, I would recommend
reporting the card as
stolen to the credit card company.  That way the card will be declined
where ever it is

This works after it is reported.  A person from sweden had a AMEX card with
no limit and did not know someone cloned his number and placed a 2,000.00
order on his card. If there was a way to quickly determine where the email
came from it would have prevented a series of phone calls to determine that
this happened.

In this case, the order was actually processed and it was charged back after
the fact because the card was not reported lost. It was not lost the card
was cloned.

If you or anyone has a better idea how to track the geographic location of
email please let me know but I really think this is an important issue that
needs to be addressed.