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Re: X-* header fields

2004-01-23 10:37:18

In <005201c3e14f$370ef920$6401a8c0(_at_)akc(_dot_)com> "Al Costanzo" 
<al(_at_)akc(_dot_)com> writes:

A clean, simple, fast way to register the non X- header field would do the

Which is exactly what the Klyne draft provides.

It is currently stuck in last call in the IESG. They need to get it out

Actually, if you bother to check the datatracker you'll see that the
document is in IESG evaluation. More specifically, a response was
sent to the two ADs with outstanding discuss votes and we're now waiting
for the two ADs to either (a) Clear their discusses or (b) Respond in some
other way.


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