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Re: X-* header fields

2004-01-23 06:33:10

ned+ietf-822(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

The bottom line is that the success of x- fields in other places has
from disasterous at worst to mixed at best. And to a large extent the
lack of
harm in many spaces has come from lack of use. So if you're looking for
for keeping the X- distinction from the successful use of X- in other
I'm afraid it is not forthcoming.

For the record, I posed the question because there was a great deal of 
discussion regarding
X- header fields, but I can recall no recent discussion about other use of x- 
for experimental
and private use; as I mentioned, there are many instances of such use in text 
protocols (I was a little surprised to see how many, and my list was not 
intended to be
exhaustive -- I simply listed the ones that I had implemented in one form or 
another). That
struck me as curious, hence my question about what was so unique to X- header 
fields that
caused so much discussion, whereas there was virtually no discussion about 
other use of x-
for similar purposes.  And if indeed use of x- in other places has been 
disastrous, why isn't
there a call for its removal from those places?

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