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Re: Experiment #2 with multiple Reference headers (was References with multipl

2005-01-18 05:12:33

In <20050117235827(_dot_)GA27714(_at_)ender> Laird Breyer 
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On Jan 18 2005, Charles Lindsey wrote:

I think we need the term "header line" when speaking of the individual
lines of a header field that has been folded.

A "header line" as you propose is not a semantic unit, since folding
white space can break the information at all sorts of places, and as
the mail winds its way to its destination, folded lines can be
rearranged several times in semantically equivalent ways.

Yes, but what term do you use when you want to say "This *mumble* is
longer than 998 characters", or "No *mumble* is allowed to consist of
whitespace only"? I will grant you that perhaps "header line" is not the
right term, because it is frequently used as a synonym for "header field"
(aka, in common parlance, "header").

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