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Re: ABNF, and miscellany

2005-05-14 05:19:26

On Sat May 14 2005 03:11, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Bruce Lilly wrote:

No, it and many others will do nothing to curtail spam, but
will adversely affect legitimate mobile users.

I disagree.
You can use Webmail.

No, the issue is sending mail, not looking at web pages of mangled

You can use the MSA of your provider.

Which provider? The one that I use for *receiving* mail?  Who says
that that provider has an MSA (as opposed to an MTA), or that it
is accessible (port 25 blocking)?
You can even use the airport-smart-host if that beast accepts
error messages for what you sent (maybe forwarding it later to


If that's not good enough for you I recommend that you 
don't publish a "sender policy".

Associated with which domain -- the one that an MUA puts in HELO/EHLO --
which comes for the mailbox for *receiving* mail, and which may be
under control of some third party?

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