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Re: ABNF, and miscellany

2005-05-14 10:12:01

On Sat May 14 2005 11:28, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Bruce Lilly wrote:

the issue is sending mail

Yes, that's possible with Webmail.

Not if it's not available.

You can use the MSA of your provider.
Which provider?

Your mail provider, the one you send and receive mails with.

No MSA (unless they privately consider their server on port 25
to be an MSA rather than MTA -- it's impossible to tell).

or that it is accessible (port 25 blocking)?

Blocking port 25 is utter dubious, find a better ISP with an
abuse desk, not spamcast.

You have again missed the point; when in an airport lounge, one
cannot "find a better ISP".

For an MSA you'd use port 587.  See 
chapter 4 in draft-hutzler-spamops-04:

| Best practices are:
| o  MSAs MUST support the SUBMISSION port, for MUAs accessing
|    from outside the MSA's local environment.

That conflicts with RFC 2476, drafts have no standing, and nobody
is going to enforce such nonsense.

don't publish a "sender policy".
Associated with which domain

All your domains, don't publish a "sender policy" if you don't
know what it means.  Now that's obvious, isn't it ?

"My" domains have very little to do with sending mail, as viewed
anywhere on the Internet.  Domains which appear in a reverse path
are not "mine"; ditto for ones put in HELO/EHLO by typical MUAs.

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