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Re: ABNF, and miscellany

2005-05-14 07:32:48

On Sat May 14 2005 08:43, william(at) wrote:

On Sat, 14 May 2005, Bruce Lilly wrote:

You can use the MSA of your provider.

Which provider? The one that I use for *receiving* mail?  Who says
that that provider has an MSA (as opposed to an MTA), or that it
is accessible (port 25 blocking)?

How is that related to that draft if it is specifically regarding
SUBMIT (587),

SUBMIT != port 587. Quoting RFC 2476:

   A site MAY choose to use port 25 for message submission,
   by designating some hosts to be MSAs and others to be MTAs.

and just in case somebody got the wrong idea that 587 would  
now be like port 25, the draft says that providers MUST NOT block port 587.

Drafts are not binding, and even if they were, there is no enforcement
arm of the IETF.

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