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Re: mail-followup-to / mail-copies-to

2005-05-24 15:01:54

On Tue May 24 2005 14:52, Paul Jakma wrote:

Is anyone doing work on some kind of header to allow senders to 
indicate reply preferences (particularly for list mail)?
It's an absolute mess, one which (as one of the seemingly few people 
who prefer to receive both list and 'direct' copies on list replies) 
causes me a lot of pain, as I have no way to indicate my preference 
in a reliable fashion

The Reply-To header field will do what you want.  It is specifically
designed to indicate a list of addresses for responses (RFC 2822):

   When the "Reply-To:" field is present, it
   indicates the mailbox(es) to which the author of the message suggests
   that replies be sent.

So, in your case, setting
  Reply-To: paul(_at_)club(_dot_)ie, ietf-822(_at_)imc(_dot_)org
would have indicated your stated preference.

This has been discussed in detail some months ago on the ietf-822 list.

For an older description of the field and its uses, see RFC 822 section
4.4.3, and note that a mailing list is "text message teleconferencing".