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Re: mail-followup-to / mail-copies-to

2005-05-25 21:15:45

Paul Jakma <paul(_at_)clubi(_dot_)ie> wrote:

We need some header to allow include-me-on-list-replies preference to
be expressed, just as the List-* headers allow MUAs to 'pick' which
address is the list address.

There are several things that would be useful to be able to express.
Here are the ones that spring to my mind right now:

  * What sorts of replies are allowed/encouraged:
    - Prefer private reply.
    - Prefer public reply.
    - Public reply is the only option (From address is bogus).
    - No preference.

    (Mailing lists may want to supply a preference if the author did
    not supply one, but they generally should not clobber the author's
    preference if one was supplied.)

  * Where private replies should go:
    - The From address vs. some other address(es).

  * Where public replies should go:
    - To the To/Cc addresses, or to some other addresses?  (For example,
      replies to an announcement list might be directed to a discussion
    - Should the private-reply address be excluded to avoid duplication
      (because the public-reply addresses already cover it), or included
      (because the public-reply addresses don't already cover it)?

For a moment I thought about the ability to indicate that some of the
To/Cc addresses should be excluded from public replies, but in that
case, what are those addresses doing in the To/Cc field in the first

What have I missed?

Well personally I think Mail-Followup-To is problematic.

I'm confused by the Mail-Followup-To field in your message.  It contains
only your address, not the list address.  Doesn't that mean that a
"reply all" would go to you and nowhere else?  Surely that's not what
you intended?

I think you want both the list address and your address in