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Re: Intent to revive "expires" header - now: draft-welzl-expires-00.txt

2008-07-31 05:20:27

Michael Welzl wrote:

Just this bit leaves me confused:
The RFC-editor funding and the IETF Trust copyright
boilerplates are not more state of the art.  

At the end of your draft you have an "acknowldegment"
with "funding for the RFC-editor is provided by the 
IASA" (or similar), they don't do that anymnore.  

That is at best a *nit* below the level of an IDnit,
they can strip it before publication, but apparently
your boilerplate isn't up to date.

Similar:  The copyright note on the front page was
removed.  That could be important if you need the 
space for something else, e.g., a longer abstract,
or an editorial note.  Otherwise it is only a nit.

(except for the "can't find the authors" problem)

I had that issue with an empty or blank organization,
that's a reported bug that will be fixed.  It's also
simple to bypass it, organization "foo" works.  But
your draft has non-empty oraganizations, therefore I
can't tell what the problem in your case is:  Report
it as a bug (on the Tools list, or via ietf-action@).


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