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RE: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - Creative Addressing

2003-10-09 10:31:42
I don't see what this would give us that we wouldn't get from a pure
whitelist.  Since the user must assign a unique email address for
communication from each non-trusted source, no source that the user isn't
aware of can ever send mail to him; So he might just as well maintain a list
of those sources allowed to send mail to him.

Providing a structure for transient/disposable email addresses could be
useful as working out who the target is can be done by parsing the address
instead of by a lookup; but a lookup is still needed to allow (the email
address corresponding to) a source to be blacklisted so it probably doesn't
work very well after all.

I don't think this is useful or will make any contribution to reducing spam.


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The ASRG has been asked to comment on the following draft:


    This document gives instructions for implementing a mail system that
    will reduce the amount of SPAM received by the end users. The
    instructions specify disposable and single-purpose mailboxes that
    will allow for the source of SPAM to be easily identified.

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