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Re: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - Creative Addressing

2003-10-03 17:36:34
Mr. Crocker,
  Thank you for suggesting that I do that (although, in the future, please
direct requests for me to me). From answering the questions I have found
a few things I need to explain better in the draft, and I thought of
some ideas for corporate users that may be more helpful than what I
currently have specified. The response document is attached.



YS> The ASRG has been asked to comment on the following draft:

The author should provide an evaluation of the proposal, such as by
using the questions/criteria listed in the -techconsider- document.

The results are certain to be interesting.

 Dave Crocker <dcrocker-at-brandenburg-dot-com>
 Brandenburg InternetWorking <>
 Sunnyvale, CA  USA <tel:+1.408.246.8253>

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