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Re: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - Creative Addressing

2003-10-02 13:25:31
On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 04:14:37PM -0400, Curtis M. Kularski wrote:
The point of the draft is more of to make the proccess of sorting and
deleting SPAM easier than to block specific senders. I personally have my
sub-domain manually specified and have my server allowing the nobody alias
to function (but the server is making a log of what incoming addresses are
used in case that needs to change), and then any address that gets spammed
is specified manually as an alias and pointed to a seperate SPAM account
which i skim over about once a week. The procedure that the draft
specifies is by no means a 100% cure for SPAM, but in my implementations
for personal use and for about 50 other people it has been very effective.

Yes, it works for me, too.
I had a webpage for a limited time frame and used a special email
address. 4 weeks after the time frame was over I blocked the address
in the mailserver and spam went away.

But in which way is your system in principle different from a TMDA
(Tagged Message Delivery Agent) system?
and especially
Isn't the system described there not even more flexible and successful
than yours?


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