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RE: 3. Requirements - Anonimity (was Re: FW: [Asrg] 0. General)

2003-10-28 23:09:31
Difficult, most of us who are active in that area tend to regard filter
technology as being an area for competing proprietary schemes. 

You're in the wrong forums then, but your philosophy doesn't surprise me
considering that you appear to work for Verisign.  Those of us who are
making significant breakthroughs in this field are all working together,
sharing information, and agreeing on standards together.  The minority
of commercialized solutions are ultimately going to be chaff in the wind

1. A majority of commercial tools are far less accurate than the many
open-source projects available today...both in spam catching and
avoiding false positives.

2. Spam is a direct result of commercialization of the Internet,
therefore a commercial solution for fighting spam is, to the educated
individual, paying a company who writes viruses to use their anti-virus

3. The hypocrisy of many commercialized companies who both send spam and
sell anti-spam filters  will (and is being) exposed.  This hypocrisy
will easily lead to a series of both civil suits and criminal charges,
for the reason outlined in #2.

But bottom line because you can't beat free, and free currently means
better quality in this realm.

The role that the IETF could play is to provide standard ways that senders
can use to convince receivers that they are legitimate, this can then be
used as additional input to the spam filter.

So that commercial companies can create backdoor methods to insure that
they can take cash under the table to "insure spams get delivered" ? I
don't think so.  The IETF is not here to serve commercial industry, but
to benefit the Internet Community as a whole.  Sadly, the desires of
both of these groups are at very opposite ends of the spectrum.

FYI I have unsubscribed to this group, as I don't foresee any real
accomplishment coming out of it, at least until the agenda and
motivation of the group is changed to actually benefit the Internet if you have something in response, you'll need to email
me privately.

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