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2005-08-18 22:39:09
First, I agree with what John has said. 

Some add'l feedback:
     No record -> REJECT is not appropriate, even where, as you 
explained, there's some code (not presented) that somehow discovers 
which domains say they support which authentication schemes.  The code 
should not assume that this has happened; it should function even if 
previous code has been unable to discover which domain authentication 
schemes the sender supports.  For example, if the sender posts to a 
mailing list, will the subscribers' servers always be able to discover 
all the domain authentication schemes that could be useful?  Perhaps the 
mailing list server supports different schemes from the poster's server....

I think we should not adopt the same result code nomenclature as SPF, 
but rather something else, as SPF is a mishmash of path-based and 
point-to-point stuff means that the quality of the labels is very 
different from (and better than) those of SPF. How 'bout CSVpass, 
CSVfail, CSVneutral, and tempfail? It would be good to put such 
nomenclature in the specs, IMO.  The server configuration file would 
then map these to SMTP return codes.
Som add'l comments:
This is pyCSA, not pyCSV (at least not yet).  CSV=CSA+DNA. 
CSA Record -> ACCEPT (or CSVpass) is not quite right. DNA still needs to 
be checked.


python is indeed easy to read.
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