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Re: Establish communication between UA and FA

1998-01-19 15:30:38
On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Tomas Fasth wrote:
I think using ACAP as the middle man between UA and the FA (filter
agent) is not a particularly good solution. It seem like doing things
halfway somehow.

ACAP permits three architectures:

(1) ACAP and FA are tightly integrated.
(2) FA is an ACAP client.
(3) FA has a tightly integrated ACAP profile and main ACAP server provides
    a referral for sieve dataset class.

Now I'm open to listing requirements for the UA to FA transfer of Sieve
scripts and seeing if something simpler than ACAP is worthwhile.  Here's a

* Ability to get list of FA supported Sieve Extensions
* Read/Write access to script
* Per-user storage of script
* Access control lists (for group addresses)
* Disconnected support (watch for two people editing same script)
* Authentication, integrity protection, privacy (can be provided by SASL
  or TLS)

                - Chris

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