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Re: Sieve extensions

1998-01-20 12:12:03
Matthew Wall <wall(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com> writes:

In general, I'd disagree with the notion that the storing or transporting
agent (e.g. ACAP) ought to be involved with validating the code. It seems
me this is killing the messenger for delivering a BAD message, as it were.
Since generation and interpretation are the responsibility of SIEVE-aware
agents, the error-checking should be strictly handled at those points.
Otherwise you put some pretty severe implementation restrictions on a
storage mechanism that probably out to be (literally) value-neutral.

But what about the case where the Filter Agent (FA) is ACAP-aware, and
exports an ACAP 'filter' dataset profile?  It certainly seems possible to
define the filter dataset so that the server can perform language-level
validation;  this is little different from profile-specific validations
performed by other ACAP dataset extensions.

Now, this *is* different from the case where the FA is an ACAP client,
in which case the store probably should be "value-neutral".  Such an
implementation would be forced to complain about script validation problems
at mail-delivery time.


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