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Establish communication between UA and FA

1998-01-18 19:52:19
I think using ACAP as the middle man between UA and the FA (filter
agent) is not a particularly good solution. It seem like doing things
halfway somehow.

Using ACAP to store UA preferences and configuration, inclusive filter
rules, is one thing. Especially when working truly disconnected and at
different locations. Then it's a great thing.

Using ACAP as a mediator between an UA and remote functionality may
work, unsaid how the security model looks like, but not something we
should put up as a primary recommendation. And even if we do, a user
have to provide the filter agent some form of direction how to dig out
an entry from an ACAP repositary. How exactly is this provided? So,
maybe it's not within the scope to ask such a question. Still, the
question is related to the question about how the FA will be able to
communicate error conditions and status information. If we find an
answer to either of the questions, we might actually have answered both.


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