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Sieve Attributes in Accounts Dataset

1998-05-19 16:21:02
draft-gellens-acap-acnt-00 proposed a "Sieve.Script" attribute in the
Accounts dataset, to contain the Sieve script to be executed against
incoming mail for an account.

I'd like to add optional magic attributes for determining syntax
warnings and errors.  If the server advertises the "Sieve" capability,
it supports the magic attributes.

I'm thinking of four such attributes, one each for the count and text
of syntax warnings and errors.

So, the Sieve-related attributes in \Account would be:


Does anyone think it would be better to instead make a Sieve subdataset
in the Account dataset?

The Warnings and Errors attributes would be numbers.  The WarnText and
ErrText attributes would be text strings, with a special format.  I'm
thinking of:

"line: <line number>; offset: <offset>; text: <text>"

For example:

"line: 3; offset: 8; text: semicolon expected"

This would make it easy for a UI to display errors and warnings nicely,
and would be expandable (although the text would have to be last,
unless it was quoted, which would make it more complicated).


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