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Re: Sieve Attributes in Accounts Dataset

1998-05-20 12:11:39
At 7:46 AM -0700 5/20/98, Steve Hole wrote:

So the idea is provide a standard place for the sieve interpretter to record
errors encountered in the script?   If so, why restrict it to syntactic
errors.   Why not generalize to include executive errors -- a log that the
client can display to see how things are going.

I didn't intend to restrict this to syntax errors; I just wanted to
start there.  That's why I use "Account.Sieve.Syntax.*" -- so that
later on an "Account.Sieve.Execution.*" set of attributes could be

Also, I wanted to permit an implementation to not ever store the syntax
errors, but instead parse the Sieve script on a store, and return the
syntax errors, although I'm not sure how important that is.

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