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ACAP Profile for Sieve Issues

1998-05-20 12:26:35
At DC, it was discussed that a profile of ACAP would be useful for
IMAP.  That is, an IMAP implementation could support only enough ACAP
to handle the mailboxes dataset.

A profile of ACAP would also be useful for Sieve, so a Sieve
implementation could support only enough ACAP to handle the Sieve
related attributes in the Capabilities and Accounts datasets.

One issue that comes up in this is the situation where multiple
accounts do not make sense.  Multiple accounts (multiple entries in the
/Account dataset) are very useful in general, but when a Sieve
implementation uses a profile of ACAP for access, it is likely there is
only one account per user.

We could require the Sieve implementation to be aware of the
"mua.default.account" attribute as well, but I think that adds more
complexity than necessary.

Off the top of my head, I was thinking we could use a tilde to indicate
the default (and maybe only) entry.  So, "/Account/~/~" would be a path
to the default (or only) entry in the Account dataset for the current

Of course, the client would then have to be aware of this, and know to
go to each mail server for its Sieve implementation.

The alternative is to have an active client (or a smart server) map the
entries in the account dataset to the individual mail servers, and copy
the Sieve script there when it is updated.