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Re: Sieve Attributes in Accounts Dataset

1998-05-20 07:43:30

On Tue, 19 May 1998 16:19:21 -0700 Randall Gellens 
<randy(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)com> wrote:

draft-gellens-acap-acnt-00 proposed a "Sieve.Script" attribute in the
Accounts dataset, to contain the Sieve script to be executed against
incoming mail for an account.

I'd like to add optional magic attributes for determining syntax
warnings and errors.  If the server advertises the "Sieve" capability,
it supports the magic attributes.

So the idea is provide a standard place for the sieve interpretter to record 
errors encountered in the script?   If so, why restrict it to syntactic 
errors.   Why not generalize to include executive errors -- a log that the 
client can display to see how things are going.

Steve Hole                           
The Esys Corporation

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