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Re: Progressing various sieve drafts

2002-07-16 11:11:44


--On Tuesday, July 16, 2002 11:44 AM -0600 Alexey Melnikov <mel(_at_)messagingdirect(_dot_)com> wrote:

| Tim thought that in order to do this right, we need to introduce
| variables in Sieve.
| So I am waiting for either:
| 1). draft that adds Sieve variables
| 2). a desire to standardize draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-04.txt as is
| (with an implicit variable).

One option might be to get rid of the ':globalflags...' tagged arguments and all the actions and instead only rely on the ':flags' tagged argument for fileinto and keep. I believe that gets rid of the need to have any variables during the lifetime of the script, and provides a basic implementation that can be built on later if variables are introduced.

Cyrus Daboo