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Re: Progressing various sieve drafts

2002-07-17 06:42:19

Nigel Swinson wrote:

Folks, we now have a bunch of sieve drafts on the table. Is it time to
start some of them through the standards process? If so, which ones?

I'd like to see the regex draft through to a standard.  Very useful and
don't think it's changed very much recently.  Ken?

Most of the changes have been editorial.  I think in order for it do get
through the standards process we will probably need to do something
about internationalization/localization (unless Ned thinks otherwise):

0.3.   Open Issues

    The major open issue with this draft is what to do, if anything,
    about localization/internationalization.  Are [POSIX.2] collating
    sequences and character equivalents sufficient?

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