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Re: Progressing various sieve drafts

2002-07-17 10:52:58

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 06:57, Ken Murchison wrote:
Cyrus Daboo wrote:
One option might be to get rid of the ':globalflags...' tagged arguments
and all the actions and instead only rely on the ':flags' tagged argument
for fileinto and keep. I believe that gets rid of the need to have any
variables during the lifetime of the script, and provides a basic
implementation that can be built on later if variables are introduced.

I have -03 implemented in Cyrus and I find the global flags nature very
useful, in that I can set flags on a message from a particular user at
the top of my script and then regardless of how/where it gets filed,
those flags are set (as opposed to having to check for the recipient for
each keep/fileinto and set :flags appropriately).

That being said, I find the :globalflags stuff kind of crufty ;)

There's no argument from me that it's *useful*, but that it's cruft that
we'll need to replicate again and again in the future that looks exactly
like variables with an undesirable syntax.