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RE: Clarification on draft-martin-managesieve-04.txt ?

2003-10-18 06:56:46

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

All IMO, of course. Others may feel differently.

        Since I'm new to filters, I did not get what IMO means ?


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Why? Getting the content of the script is what GETSCRIPT is for.

    When I gone through the draft, I co-related things with 
unix commands
    ls and cat.

    If I just want to know whether a script is there or 
    return all the script names.
    ls filename


        In GETSCRIPT/DELETESCRIPT, I'm not clear whether
        regular expression are entertained. Pls clarify.
        Otherwice can we have a defined keyword like ALL.

Again, why? You use LISTSCRIPT to list the scripts 
available, then 
use GETSCRIPT to get the scripts you want. Adding facilities to 
GETSCRIPT to return more than one script would require adding 
additional structure to responses to delimit and identify 

    I just thought that adding some more flexibility to 
that would be a 
value add.

Only if it is a genuinely useful feature. This has to be 
weighed against the complexity of the facility and the cost 
of implementation. In this particular case the complexity 
cost is not completely trivial given that we'd be dealing 
with utf-8 globs or worse, regexps.

    If I have n scripts and If I want to delete scripts 
which start with 
a*. I will
    do LISTSCRIPT, then delete one by one which requires more 
server/client interactions.
    Rather DELETESCRIPT a* which would remove all the 
scripts and require 
only one server/
    client interaction.

Sure, but that presupposes client interactions are at a 
premium here. I don't think they are.

    For GETSCRIPT, if I compare with 'cat'. I thought it is useful.

Useful in some abstract sense, perhaps. But I don't think the 
benefits outweigh the costs.

All IMO, of course. Others may feel differently.