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Re: draft-homme-sieve-variables-03.txt

2004-08-11 14:25:25

ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

It says this:

    This extension changes the semantics of quoted-string, multi-line-
    literal and multi-line-dotstuff found in [SIEVE] to enable the inclu-
    sion of the value of variables.  The syntax follows [ABNF].

but never gives the redefined ABNF for quoted-string, multi-line-literal
nor multi-line-dotstuff.

I don't get this at all. Why would redefining the _semantics_ of
something change its _syntax_? Not only do I thini redefning the
syntax of the things you list is unnecessary, I view it as quite
harmful and I strongly oppose adding it. I base this on having had to
deal with similar "overlapped" syntax in the MIME draft, which ended
up causing lots of confusion and no enlightenment.

Perhaps the problem is the trailing statement referring to [ABNF].
This could be moved to a separate section if it is confusing for it
to be there.

Okay, I guess my problem is that I was thinking it really changed the syntax. When I was reading it, and looked at the definition of quoted-string, etc., I thought "doesn't this mean that quoted-string needs to change to

         quoted-string = DQUOTE *(CHAR / "${" *(DIGIT / LETTER) "}")


But if you want to treat the parsing of the string separately from the language parsing, then I guess it really does mean that only the semantics is changing, and hence, no ABNF changes are required.

At this point, I'll just say "it can be done either way" and forego any further comment.

        Tony Hansen