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Re: WGLC for Sieve Notify has ended

2007-01-29 14:00:02

Ned Freed wrote:

> Here is the text I've added (taken from the vacation draft and
> reworded):

>    In order to minimize/prevent forgery of the author value,
> implementations MAY impose restrictions on what values can specified
>    in a ":from" parameter; it is suggested that values which fail
>    such a validity check simply be ignored rather than causing
>    the notify action to fail.

> Do you want to upgrade the MAY to SHOULD?

My individual opinion would be for a SHOULD but I'm not sure what
other considerations hold.

It seems to me that SHOULD has the right semantics here. Of course there are plenty of other considerations, including situations where validity cannot be accessed, notification mechanisms that either don't have the concept of an author or which embody it as something other than an email address. But SHOULD provides enough leeway that such cases can be dealt with without incompliance.

Ok, I've changed MAY to SHOULD in my copy.

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