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Re: WGLC for Sieve Notify has ended

2007-01-22 04:54:15

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:


  Reading Lisa's mail, a new problem arized in my head:

For every generated notification, the system administrator shall be able to say how did it originate. Making "grep" on all scripts is not an option, since the user might have changed the script in the meantime, or two users might have identical scripts.

Just imagine a user gets constantly notifications saying "you got an email at your mailbox". But the user does not have an mailbox, and moreover, he has not set up such a script-notification. Obviously this was made by another user and when the system administrator, on whose server the message was generated, is informed about it, s/he shall be able to track where the problem was.

  So I suggest to add something to section

  3.8.  Requirements on notification methods specifications

* It is RECOMMENDED that a notification includes means to identify/track its origin.

I've extended your sentence. See my reply to a Lisa's message.

But this could be understood, that a notification shall say which server generated it, and not which user. Any ideas?

Replace "origin" with "sender"?

In sec 3.8. one more sentance could be included

* Where applicatiable, derived extensions shall support a subject: option.

This is somewhat related to the discussion about :subject versa :message. I think we need to get consensus on the subject/message issue first.