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retrying to send notifications

2007-01-22 07:43:30


  SHOULD ignore the notification and not retry indefinitely.

means that the notification service is unreliable: if an SMS is to be sentfrom the mail server to an sms gateway, and there is a temporary problem, the suggestion sais that it shall not be retired. But the user may rely on receiving the notifications.

What about including expire: parameter and saying that the implementation shall not try after the message has expired (thus removing indefinetely)?


- If the notification frequency is high, servers SHOULD throttle notifications (and if so what error to produce)? Disable the rule?

Considering there is already some text about "not retrying notification
indefinitely", I think it would be Ok to just drop notifications
I also think that throttling should be a MAY. So how about the following text:

  If there are errors sending the notification, the Sieve interpreter
  SHOULD ignore the notification and not retry indefinitely.
  The Sieve interpreter MAY throttle notifications; if it does,
  a request to send a notification can be silently ignored.
  Documents describing notification methods SHOULD describe how
  retries, throttling, duplicate suppression (if any), etc. are
  to be handled by implementations.


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