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Re: WGLC for Sieve Notify has ended

2007-01-22 04:49:47

Mark E. Mallett wrote:

  The Extract_text action stores at most :first bytes of the first
  text/* part in the variable identified by varname.  If the :first
  parameter is not present, the whole content of the first text/* part
  is stored.
Should something be said about the upper bound?  If nothing else, that
the "whole content" may not be stored because of the truncation that
happens when the variables limit is exceeded.  I also think it would
help to say that implementation limits may apply.  My implementation,
for example, caches in memory some minimum number of bytes of each mime
part, with any excess possibly being cached on disk.  I'd happily make
what's cached in memory available, but I might be disgruntled by having
to fetch more from disk cache.  (This would probably already exceed the
variables limit, but it's just an example of why an implementation might
want to have a limit.)
I've added:

In either case the actually stored data MAY be truncated to conform to implementation
   specific limit on variable length and/or on MIME body part length.

Is this sufficient?
Should we encourage implementations to have some kind of limit on body part length?