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Re: autoresponses and localparts

2007-10-17 12:48:55

Mark E. Mallett writes:
I'm not doing any case folding at all; it hadn't occured to me. It would probably be prudent to case-fold the sender domain name; are others?

Sure. I use case-insensitive matching/lookups for all domains. (And I ended up doing case-insensive lookups on the localparts too in this context. I looked at all the case-only differences in my mail archive, and that seemed best.)

Related note: here, "recipient" is not explicitly part of the tuple; each recipient mailbox has their own vacation database. If you're using a global database, and thus store the recipient as part of the tuple, are you using the final destination? e.g. if "mark" and "mem" map to the same mailbox, do you treat them as equivalent? (I do by default, since as I say the database is attached to the mailbox.)

I'm using a global database, yes. I look for the SMTP RCPT TO in To/Cc, but store the sieve script's owner's address in the database.


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