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Re: draft-freed-sieve-in-xml status?

2009-01-12 05:48:24

Robert Burrell Donkin writes:
I undestand now that this working group has been intentionally chartered to exclude mail servers with a spooling architecture. Can anybody explain why the IETF decided to exclude this class of mail server from it's specification process?

The IETF limits itself to things used over the public internet. How to spool mail on disk is out of scope, and now to operate on the spooled mail is, too.

There are some borderline cases. Sieve is one. The text format for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are another. I guess ARP is a third, come to think of it. I suppose RFCs 2852 and/or 5321 might contain words about spools and timeouts. But in general, the IETF is about the public internet.

Maybe the IETF should have a wider scope. I don't want to discuss that (not here and now, perhaps even never).


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