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Re: [sieve] Question about draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists-02

2010-10-17 08:46:33
The changes below look good to me.  I'll stick 'em into my working
copy of the document, pending other comments.


On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 05:16, Alexey Melnikov
<alexey(_dot_)melnikov(_at_)isode(_dot_)com> wrote:
Alexey Melnikov wrote:

1). ManageSieve capability for discovering support for different types of
external lists. I will suggest some text.

Suggested changes:

 EXTLISTS - A space separated list of URI schema parts [URI] for supported
 externally stored list types.  This capability MUST be specified if the
 implementation supports the "extlists" extension defined in this document.

And the updated ABNF to ManageSieve:

  single-capability     =/ DQUOTE "EXTLISTS" DQUOTE SP ext-list-types CRLF

  ext-list-types = string
               ; space separated list of URI schema parts
               ; for supported externally stored list types.
               ; MUST NOT be empty.

Add to the IANA Registration

This document requests IANA to register a new ManageSieve Capability
according to the IANA registration template specified in [MANAGESIEVE]:

    Capability name: EXTLISTS

    Description: This capability is returned if server supports
    'extlists' [RFCXXXX] Sieve extension.

    Relevant publications: this RFC, Section <TBD>>

    Person & email address to contact for further information: Alexey
    Melnikov <alexey(_dot_)melnikov(_at_)isode(_dot_)com>

    Author/Change controller: IESG.

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