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[sieve] PAB/GAB ; Was Re: Question about draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists-02

2010-10-21 11:00:21

On Oct 15, 2010 at 09:59 +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
=>Barry Leiba wrote:
=>> I'm about to submit an -03 version of external-lists, which we would
=>> presumably do WGLC on.  This version will resolve PSA's issues, and
=>> also Kristin Hubner has provided me with a couple more examples
=>> off-list (thanks, Kristin!), which i've included.


=>> For reference, I'll attach the impending -03 version.
=>This looks good to me. The only other outstanding issues are:
=>1). ManageSieve capability for discovering support for different types of
=>external lists. I will suggest some text.
=>2). Add a tag: personal addressbook as mandatory to implement (as per
=>discussion in Spring 2010). Are people happy with using "tag:pab"? This is
=>going to be a bit of a special case, because it is not going to use the
=>recommended prefix, but I think we should use an exception in this case.

Disregarding how "pab" is to be defined, as an operator, the "mandatory" 
is very welcomed.

I was not able to find the "Spring 2010" discussion in the archives to 
see if the following was discussed....

Another filtering feature we get requests for is for comparing address 
in the global/corporate address book.  In our case we have collapsed our 
e-mail down to one domain and therefore matching a domain substring 
(:contains) works 99% of the time, but I could see were sites might have 
multiple domains in use and having a gab to compare to would be helpful.  
I understand that implementations are free to add a "gab" list.  I just 
wonder if pab is a MUST; is having a gab as a MUST or SHOULD asking too 

(Note in our deployment, we don't accept messages that try to use a 
RFC5321.From address that is not defined in our authoritative address 
database (LDAP), but that still allows invalid local RFC5322.From 
addresses to get through.  Having a mechanism to make sure that 
a local RFC5322.From was valid would be a win for us.)

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