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Re: [sieve] Question about draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists-02

2010-10-21 14:06:17
So, in the specific case of identifiers for well known list constructs
pab, I think the right thing to do is use simple alphanumeric identifiers
set up an IANA registry for them. The initial contents of the registry
be "pab" for personal address book access. The rule would then be that
a registered name SHOULD be used preferentially over tag: URLs if the
semantics fit.

Hmm. We can do that, but we already had this argument before and I feeling
we are going in circles.
What do other people think?

I was one who was very much against using opaque strings, and pushed
for URLs, for interoperability reasons.  Note that my objection was to
*opaque* or implementation-defined strings.  I have no problem at all
with Ned's suggestion of a registry of *well defined* strings that can
be used in addition to URLs.  In fact I think a list of well defined
strings is the *best* answer to the whole list issue for probably 90%
of the use cases (many of which involve the PAB).

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