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Re: Key Extraction odd behavior ???

1998-01-01 02:01:51

In <199801010617(_dot_)BAA18412(_at_)users(_dot_)invweb(_dot_)net>, on 01/01/98 
   at 01:10 AM, "William H. Geiger III" <whgiii(_at_)invweb(_dot_)net> said:


Well somthing screwy is going on.

I have now after doing several extracts of the same key from pubring.pkr
have two different keys?!?

I have the one of filesize 1504 that was attached to the previous message
and one of 1800 that seems to have the sig block properly

Ok I figured out *what* it is doning but not why.

The original key had 2 sigs on it; one a self-sig and the other a RSA sig
from my RSA key.

The key contained packets:

Public Key Packet
UserID Packet
Signature Packet (self-sig)
Signature SubPacket
Signatuer Packet (RSA sig)

For some reason in the extracted key in the first message both signature
packets had been striped from the key when extracted while in the
extracted key in the second message they were retained. I still do not
know what triggered this behavior.

Well with that figured out I am back to my original problem of decyphering
the Signature Subpacket.

What I need to know is the following:

[B9] [04 0D] 04 34 A3 DF 8E ...

If [B9] is the packet type and [04 0D] the packet length what is the next

If [04] is a subpacket length then what is the [34]?

0x34 = 00110100 = 52 which is an undefined subpacket type

If [04] is a subpacket type (exportable) where is the corresponding octet

I have been up all night reading through the draft on this and still have
not made any headway. :((

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