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Re: Question and note

1998-06-29 18:25:52
At 02:30 PM 6/29/98 -0700, Jon Callas wrote:
At 08:06 AM 6/29/98 -0700, Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:

  Jon: you don't have a reference to RFC 2119 in this document, which seems
  to be the basis for the misunderstanding. Please put an explicit
pointer to
  RFC 2119 in section 1.1 and a reference to it in section 16. Also, someone
  should do a scan of the document for the RFC 2119 words and make sure that
  is what we mean.
It was in section 16 and in the introduction, but I added language in 1.1
that says that PGP 2.6 is decribed in it.

Uhhh, all I see in the intro is "RFC 1991". RFC 2119 is the definition of
MUST, SHOULD, and MAY. You do have it in section 16, but there's nothing in
the body referring to it.

As someone who has started to become number dsylexic in the past few years,
I can understand this one slipping by...

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium