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Re: Proxylet Downloading and metadata

2001-03-06 09:13:10
At this point, how the architecture is implemented (one box or many)
is not important. If there are common multiple box solutions then
(e.g. callout server and OPES server) then the protocols between
them may have to be standardized so the we can distinguish
these configurations.

At 07:12 AM 3/6/2001 -0500, Micah Beck wrote:

What happens when one box can function either as an origin/replica server or
an intermediary?  Is it a server or a proxy?  When my service plug-in runs
there, is it a servelet or a proxylet?  Or do we need more general name for
the box?  A "service node" perhaps?

If everyone can run on the same box, then all that distinguishes the
servelet from the proxylet is API.

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> Micah,
> > Thus, my proposal is that "X-let" be taken to mean "a small portable
> > written to the X API".
> What happens when a server, a proxy, and a call-out server all
> implement the same API (just think of CGI)? What would you call the
> piece of code that can run without modifications on all three
> platforms/APIs?
> When it runs on the server, it's a servlet. When it runs on the proxy,
> it's a proxylet, etc. But what would we call the actual code,
> independent from where it will be executed? A suggetion was "service
> plug-in"...
> -Markus

Michael W. Condry
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