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Re: Tentative OPES Agenda for IETF 53

2002-03-12 10:17:00

Given all the complexity in creating OPES, I think we need to be very careful with any kind of architecture document. Our original I-D got that seeded but we need to add in the security requirements, etc.
At 10:54 PM 3/11/2002, Markus Hofmann wrote:


below the tentative agenda for the OPES meeting at IETF 53. Focus will be on the next immediate document deliverables and on how we want to get there - and less on existing Internet Drafts that have previously been submitted with reference to OPES.

This also implies that we do not necessarily take existing IDs as starting points for the WG docments, but that we rather consider them valuable input, taking into account the final charter and the IAB considerations for OPES.

It is important that we get more discussions going on the list prior to the meeting. Thanks to Hilarie for initiating a threat on content path security/encryption. Please read Hilarie's posting and comment on it. Also feel free to comment on relevant issues listed below. Without discussion, no progress!



Agenda for OPES Meeting at IETF53

- Introduction, minutes taker, blue sheets
- Agenda bashing
- Charter walk-hhrough
- Discussion of workplan, milestones, and how we want to get there.
- Disussion on the end-to-end integrity and encryption compatibility
  issue for proposal to the ADs.
- Discussion of next WG documents
    - Scenario document
    - Architecture document
    - Callout protocol/tracing requirements
    - Endpoint authorization and enforcement document
    - Threat/risk model document

Related Internet Drafts (non-WG drafts)
- draft-barbir-opes-vpcn-00.txt
- draft-dracinschi-opes-callout-requirements-00.txt
- draft-elson-icap-00.txt (expired)
- draft-mchenry-opes-deployment-scenarios-00.txt (expired)
- draft-rafalow-opes-policy-requirements-00.txt (expired)
- draft-tomlinson-opes-model-01.txt

Michael W. Condry
Director,  Network Edge Technology