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Re: Tentative OPES Agenda for IETF 53

2002-03-12 14:56:15

As a data point, it might also be worth looking at the proxy chaining model used by CC/PP [1] (also a W3C project) -- it doesn't deal with trust relationships explicitly, but it does make the chaining visible. It was also designed to allow signing of separate parts of the overall profile.



At 01:46 PM 3/12/02 -0700, The Purple Streak (Hilarie Orman) wrote:
A question for discussion is whether or not P3P is an appropriate
model for the chained trust relationships that intermediaries need.
On the other hand, I've borrowed heavily from the W3C work on signed
content in developing the data integrity mechanisms that OPES could
use.  That seems like a good model for developing the user profile
syntax and protections mechanisms.

We'll need a good, long-term liason if we are to align with W3C.  I'd
not have guessed that "multi-modal" would have anything to do with
OPES, for example.

Graham Klyne