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Re: Restarting the 40-bit debate

1997-05-08 13:45:06
You seem to be of the opinion that the IETF policy is to promulgate
standards that will not be commercially successful.  

I'm not going to dignify that with a response.

You seem to be of the opinion that "quality" is a one-dimensional
attribute, viz:

   "However, I sincerely doubt that something as weak as 40 bits can be
    considered of sufficient quality for the Internet standards

Quality isn't the only dimension for locks either.  But most people
would agree that locks need a certain minimum degree of quality to be

The statement

   "You also seem to be of the opinion that US companies are
    somehow "members" of IETF."

is mere sound-bite rhetoric, containing more heat than light.

I don't know about the participants in this group, but there are
apparently some misconceptions in other circles that IETF is a vendor
trade organization.  I'm trying to correct those misconceptions
wherever I find them.