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Re: email standards proposal for 'bulk' mail

2003-10-20 16:29:52


PHI> My suggestion is that we lobby them to turn their proposals into one
PHI> or more Internet Drafts and open their discussion.

1.  As you note, they have been conducting closed discussions, primarily
marked by post-hoc press releases.

2.  In fact I sent Anne a note suggesting something pretty much in line
with your own thinking.  She demured, offering the view that the work
they were doing was not technical.

This does not bode well for their interest in pursuing a public,
technical and operations discussions.  In fact, a reason I forwarded the
original note to this list is to try to recruit a base of support for
encouraging Anne's crew to re-think their perspective.

Rules such as "send mass mail as one copy per addressee" have
significant effects.  Not the least, it causes one to wonder why we
bothered creating SMTP, since it's original purpose was to permit
carriage of multiple addressees.

So I think it would be helpful for this community to formulate some
concrete suggestions, to augment, correct, guide, or whatever, the work
Anne's group is doing.


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