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Submitting new SMTP related RFC drafts

2004-01-12 16:01:59

I am new to this IETF and RFC drafting process, so please excuse any naivety
I may show.

I believe I downloaded all the material I need (how to rfcs, templates, etc)
for creating RFC drafts.


Is this mailing list a good place to bring up and discuss SMTP

1id-guidelines.txt indicates I should send new drafts to
internet-drafts(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org and at the same time cc: to the chair(s) of 
"working group."    Is there a working group for IETF-SMTP?  or this list
the working group?

How about the current RFC 2821 document.  I have some concerns and comments
to make about it.  I don't wish to ruffle any feathers, make enemies  and
certainly, I don't wish to go over stuff already covered or being handled by
some group or person, etc.  I would like to do this the "right way."

Any additional suggestions based on your experience would be appreciated.


Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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