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Re: Some Ideas I would like to Bounce off ya

2004-02-10 11:15:23
On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 12:45:16 EST, Hector Santos said:

Did you read the entire message or did you stop at the very first "Gotcha"
and say "Ah Ha!"

Which part of "Thou shalt not screw with the format of MX records" do you not

By proposal a special  MX domain name format which includes this
information, and even possibly using the preference with a hi/lo 2 word
concept.  Lo word having the preference value, the hi word having bit map

Looks like a proposal for a new MX format.  This won't fly, propose a
new RR instead.

I'm sorry, but when the third paragraph already involves what appears to be
a complete and total non-starter, and the next 6 or 7 paragraphs explain
how this is better than the TXT method that is being used precisely because
paragraph 3 *is* a non-starter, explain why I should go read another 20
paragraphs in the hope that even starting with a totally broken idea, there's
something salvagable there?

I don't see any new and novel "If this information was conveyed somehow, we
could then do XYZ".  Maybe there's one lurking in there, but all I can see is
"we have stuff we're thinkig of putting in a TXT record because it's not a good
idea to put it in the MX record.  Let's put it in the MX instead".

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