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Re: Some Ideas I would like to Bounce off ya

2004-02-10 15:21:27

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Subject: Re: Some Ideas I would like to Bounce off ya

By proposal a special  MX domain name format which includes this
information, and even possibly using the preference with a hi/lo 2 word
concept.  Lo word having the preference value, the hi word having bit map

Looks like a proposal for a new MX format.  This won't fly, propose a
new RR instead.

Is the preference part throwing you off?    Lets forget about that.   That
isn't important at all.

If you can forget about that,  I'm would be the difference of having:

or simply someting like:

that has no effect on any current MX structure, logic to lookup (with or
without A record), symantics or otherwise.

If you are telling me that the naming "convention" is something that many
based on certain methodologies and thus, there might be some resistance to
this,  then fine, what would be a great reason to stop right there.

See my message to Keith.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.